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Advane Panda Electronic ltd is a wholesale of electronic components, relay products, display including lighting systems, LED components, automotive electronics,, instrumentation,

Our Mission

To provide and manage engineering solutions

To Satisfy our local and global Customers, current and future needs through our reliable products and services

Our basic Competencies

  1. Electronic Components
  2. Electrical and Electronic appliances spare parts

Our broadband coverage

  1. Semiconductor, Industry, lighting, Medical, Instrumentation

Advance Panda is your electronic components source.

        - Access items from top manufacturers

        - Products available through website .Login or call to be set up to view your contract pricing online.

        -minimum order fees is 1000USD exclude bank charges and delivery free

        - Worldwide manufacturing, engineering and sales support facilities

        - Advance Panda can serve as a single-vendor source for wide range electronic components manufacturers.

        - Advance Panda, makes your transition to RoHS compliance as easy as possible.